Friday, November 11, 2005

Drug Treatment Centers - My "Rant" on Drug Treatment, And Why I Created a Drug Rehab Blog

Drug treatment Centers, alcohol rehab programs, drug rehabilitation programs, chemical dependency treatment, substance abuse treatment - it comes in many names, but one thing is true no matter how you slice it. Recovery from Drug addiction and Alcoholism is tough. It is a long and often painful road marked by potholes filled with what feels like boiling oil. Jails Institutions and Death. Jails institutions and death. That's what they say in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. That is our bottom. that is our eventual path out, and too often, through these methods countless numbers of drug addicts and alcoholics leave this world each year. My late brother was one of these, and I am a man who has experienced all but death, and even that I'm not quite sure I haven't experienced, I just know It hasn't been permanent YET. We all have yets. Yets often lead us back to addiction. Yets are what eventually lead to our demise. I can have just one... just one more drink, just one more line, just one more shot.
Alcohol, marijuana, heroin, morphine, vicodin, fentanyl, methadone, oxycodone, oxy-contin, norco, lortab, LSD, mushrooms, PCP, Benzodiazepines (Xanax (alprazolam), Valium (diazepam), Ativan (lorazepam), Halcion (triazolam), Serax, Dalmane (Flurazepam), Barbiturates, Amphetamines - crystal meth, ice, crank, uppers, bennies (benzedrine), Aderall, Ritalin, crack, cocaine, smoking, snorting, drinking, shooting and on and on and on.
A drug is a drug is a drug is a drug. When any aspect of life becomes unmanagable as a result of drug use... any aspect of life - grades slip, dropping out of school, teenage pregnancy, sex addiction, workaholism, all forms of self destructive behavior. We are no longer in control. Drugs are. Addiction is.
The way I see it, in every addict there are two distinct souls, two separate people. The Drug addict, the individual addicted to drugs or alcohol or whatever the substance, chemical, or behavior that causes the unmanagability, the sickness, and the real me. The real you. That's what recovery is all about - 12 step programs, Narconon, holistic health, they're all paths to the same goal. Freedom
Freedom to live a life free from the bonds of drug addiction and alcoholism. Freedom from lies, deceit, from pain and anguish. Health, Happiness, love, that is the stuff of recovery, those are the promises, the promise of a new day.
I hope this Blog will begin to serve as a forum, a forum for people looking for help, people who need to vent, people just like you and I, a place where we can talk about what's going on inside ourselves
Bernie, California
Inspired by Orchid Recovery Center for Women Drug Rehab Center
Drug Treatment Centers
Dual Diagnosis and Drug Rehabilitation Center
Drug Rehab
Alcohol Rehabilitation


alli_m_harris said...

that is beautiful. you should try reading a million pieces though. it is about a guys experience in rehab.

crystalmethaddiction said...

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crystalmethaddiction said...

Hi Drug Rehab Guy,

Very cool blog you have, I have been surfing the net for the past 30 min. when you blog forced me to stop and read it.
Again, congratulations on a job well done. I have found some pretty good insights on your blog that will help me improve
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crystalmethaddiction said...

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thema_gic said...

Hi Drug Rehab Guy,

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Drug Rehab said...

Drug Rehab Guy, it's amazing that you tell such a compelling story so laden with expensive keyphrases. It's pretty obvious that this blog is only there to benefit your Orchid Rehab client. It's shameful that you would use a story about your deceased brother (if it's true) in the context of making money via blogging to increase rankings of a client. I've seen some pretty bad black hatters, but this one definitely ranks down low.

Ethical practices are the foundation for a healthy and happy life. Please consider trying to help people via quality information and genuine resourcefulness.

You said in your post that you wanted a "forum". Well, now we have a forum. Respond without using so many keyphrases (viz. Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehab Drug Treatment Center yada yada) and then there might be a dialogue.

Alternatively, if you want to work ethically, then please feel free to contact our Drug Rehab Center and Alcohol Rehab Center for a real discussion on how we might collaborate ethically!

Looking forward to your response!

Adolescent Drug Center said...

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Alcohol Rehabilitation Center said...

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Anonymous said...


I wanted you to know that I love what you wrote about addiction and recovery. I have had some experience from the other side of the fence as someone that once loved someone who was addicted. I found your peice very moving and now find myself a little more at peace from my point of view. Please feel free to check out my site sometime and get back to me on your thoughts. I would like to talk some time. You can paste the below URL into your address bar and stop in to my site for a perusal.!1p1G6tpnsi5qX0uPaCPyk17A!201.entry



Drug Rehab Guy said...

In Response to the sad comment posted by drug rehab who is apparently just the treatment center "Passages Malibu" trying to get lots of backlinks from my blog with a bunch of keyphrases (no contact information was left - not that that's a surprise considering what was written), thinking that in 5 years of never being able to outrank a single one of maybe 40 or 50 websites that over the years since my brother's death and my getting sober I have created and/or optimized for myself and many clients in the field of drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation, including the website that ranks #1 on Google for the term drug rehabilitation, not a company that I endorse, simply an example of my work, or founding and owning the public benefit organization that ranks #1 for the term alcohol rehab on Google, or any of the thousands of other related #1 ranking terms in the field of substance abuse treatment for websites that I have worked on... regardless of any skills that I may or may not have on the internet when it comes to web design and optimization, this blog is mine - my story, my life, my truth. Any post that I put up is my truth. Now I have no interest in stooping to the level of depravity expressed in the comments made by these people/this individual, nor the disgustingness and lack of humility or humanity in questioning my ethics in telling my story... questioning the death of my brother to drugs, which it has taken me many years of struggling with my own drug addiction and demons to finally do in a fashion such as this, challenging my Search Engine Optimization (SEO), skills, and most importantly questioning the ethics and purpose of my words - attempting to "interpret" my work with no frame of reference other than perhaps jealousy and/or envy(remember that great book of western philosophy... the bible?) - and I promise, there is nothing to envy about my struggles, they've put it extremely mildly - suggest that there is any other purpose to my words than what they actually say, I can only respond that I will pray for you. I will speak with your employers, and show them what you have written (unless of course they wrote it themselves, in which case I am curious to know what your treatment center has against me on a personal level, as over the years my only interaction that I know of with your organization is sending you a client here or there, when and if your center was appropriate in my opinion for them).

Karma is real. At least I believe so - everyone is entitled to their beliefs. Where the writer of this comment and I differ is obviously in our personal respective truths - I live my life to help people. I have for a number of years, through a number of relapses to be completely honest, but I have never wavered from that path, most importantly because I believe that there are certain amends that I can not make any other way - my amends to the universe, my amends to those who have passed out of this world of blogs and comments and pagerank and that I can't make any other way... I have never written a blog before, and if it is Passages Malibu's belief that my blog is well enough written and expect it to be "important" enough on the internet in ensuing weeks, months, and years to put links to themselves all over my blog, then I am flattered. What I won't do is make a scathing rebuttle to the comment that is not what this "place" on the internet is for - it is not my place to belittle or judge you or your organization, your goals, your truths, your ethics, your claims, your value as a treatment provider, or your skills (or lack thereof) on the internet. I am very sorry that you take offense to my life, my truth, my skills, or whatever made you feel it appropriate to comment the way you did. I will leave the comment there, don't worry - you won't lose your links today, at least until I give some more in depth thought to what you have written and it's appropriateness for this forum, and then I will consider what to do with it - leave it, remove it - I don't know yet... I need to give that some serious thought, but I want you to know (and hopefully it will settle your mind and your heart) that I do not take your feelings or words personally, and I wish you health and happiness on your path, in your attempt to help people, and in this karmic universe we live in.
Blessings and luck to you in your endeavors, and I will pray for you and your organization. I wish you health and all the best in this new year, and look forward to speaking with you.

You didn't leave an email address (no surprise there, again - I wouldn't if I had written something like that, but then again, I don't write things like that so it's not something I worry about), and the address of who you are just points to a treatment center, so I can only assume you speak for the organization, so I will contact the organization to try to be able to contact whoever wrote this.
May your higher power as you understand him/her/it - spirituality bless you and keep you safe.
Drug Rehab Guy

P.S. If anyone who reads this can tell me how when I read these comments and they come from a certain "identity" like this "drug rehab" person or organization that just links to a low ranking website can tell me how I can reply directly to someone's comment, please teach me... I am completely new to blogging, and it may seem trite to many, but I am not exactly clear on how to do it. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.
Please and Thank You in advance -

And thank you all who have taken the time to read and/or comment on this blog.

As I hold most dear in my value system, I want this blog as I've said as clearly as I could to first and foremost be a place where people can express whatever they want to (like the treatment center who wrote that 'questionable' comment that I just responded to in some sense) as long as it pertains to recovery in one way or another. If I do remove that comment, it is because I would make a decision that in one way or another it doesn't pertain to recovery or is not in keeping with the spirit of this Blog. The comment in question, for example, I believe pertains much more to one individual or one organization's issues with the internet in general, or perhaps with me personally for some reason, than what is stated in the original post of this Blog which is what it is all about.

Again, Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for noticing, for commenting or not, but if nothing more, then simply for visiting, and I hope you come back often this new year, as I will endeavor to learn this "blogging" technology and do my best to create what I discussed in my original post, a place for recovery from addiction and alcoholism for all, in all its shapes and sizes and ups and downs.

Blessings to all and warmest regards,
Drug Rehab Guy

Louise said...

I like the fact that you took the time to read and respond to another persons comment about your site. I find it sad that someone could not see that what you were saying came from inside and not from a pile of brochures and pamphlets stacked next to the computer. Please keep up the good work and get in touch with me soon.....I have some questions.

Vicodin said...
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FDF said...
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Drug and Alcohol Rehab said...
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AP said...

Dear Drug Rehab Guy,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for responding to the post I made on your blog earlier. Your willingness to entertain a discussion (to some extent) goes a long way.

Also, I apologize for any words of mine that offended you. They are in no way representative of the Passages Treatment Center, but rather just a personal take on a blog that had obviously not been receiving a great deal of attention from you. (You've made one post & one impassioned response in almost 3 months). Nonetheless, you clearly spoke directly from the heart with your inaugural posting, and that I really admire & appreciate. I was mistaken in my judgement and presumptuous by doing so. Please accept my sincere & humble apology for any disrespect.

That said, I would still like to respond to some of your more pronounced points in order to clarify myself, and hopefully bring back some mutual respect--perhaps even a real dialogue. All I was saying is that I hoped your intentions were positive and not ranking-motivated as I had initially assumed. As I've said, the assumption was wrong, and I'm really happy to see your passion and care truly shine in your response.

I really care at the bottom of my heart about people who struggle with addiction & dependency. It kills me that the reasons for using drugs and alcohol can be so incredibly debilitating for & paralyzing to addicts & alcoholics. For this reason, I've gotten so upset when I see recovery centers using terribly unethical strategies in their own "SEO" practices. Surely you have seen what I'm talking about. I was mistaken when I assumed this was just one piece of a sadly manipulative SEO strategy--for that I apologize. But please understand that my frustration was only because there are good, positive, honest & meaningful recovery addiction treatment centers that will not stoop to real depravity (like link farms, FFA manipulation, drone satellite websites without any original content or legitimate intrinsic value for "lead generation" etc.

I don't challenge your SEO skills. I've been doing this myself for far too long to spend time on or have any interest in petty arguments such as those. I've worked on thousands of campaigns and helped countless small businesses succeed where they otherwise would have failed. The real lesson I've learned is that ethical practice, hard work, and the interests of the visitors come first. You're absolutely right about Karma, Drug Rehab Guy, and I believe it pertains to our efforts here as well.

In this case, real & meaningful activity would be helping people in need. I've created 2 blogs to help serve as resources for the following: one addiction blog that provides daily reflections (as often as possible), and another treatment blog that is much newer.

I true believe most deeply in positive intentions and truth in selfless action. The links are the last of my cares.

I want to wish you all of the luck, love & success you seek in helping an infinite number of people recover from the bondage of drugs & alcohol. I too know this can a life-or-death decision, having been through multiple organ failure myself. Just being able to have this "discussion" with you is a blessing for which I thank the Universe!

Feel free to contact me at anytime (via my own personal blog which I've included in the comment signature), if you have any questions or requests of me. I would gladly be of service if I could. Perhaps we can turn this thing into something positive where we can peform something for charity or for non-profit in the best interests of addiction recovery. In any case, I hope you have a wonderful day and tremendous success in all you do.


Alcohol Rehabilitation Center said...

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Alcohol Rehab said...

Substance abuse is a devastating disease that affects millions of individuals and families. Find the right addiction program for yourself or a loved. It will be the first day of the rest of their or your life.

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Alcohol Rehab Program said...

Chemical dependency is a devastating disease that affects millions of individuals and families. Find the right drug rehab program for yourself or a loved. It will be the first day of the rest of their or your life.

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britney said...

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Frunobulax57 said...

Once people like me and others who actually recover from alcoholism - experience it actually happening to us and then watch as it also works with others to whom WE in turn pass it on, the light bulb goes off and we can see clearly why it works. We can also gain insight into why others methods or half measures fail.

A man asked me to sponsor him a while back, last summer I think, maybe longer. We got together and he told me he was a heroin addict. I said fine, and continued to probe him about his history.

Nice enough guy. Lots of suffering. Truly in need.

But it came out that he really was not an alcoholic, but a drug addict. He was going to AA meetings because he was told that a drug is a drug us a drug, and that AA had a better track record than other Fellowships.

I had to turn him down.

I was looking for another person to sponsor, so it would have been easy to grab him for MY sake, but I swatted my ego away like a buzzing skeeter, and said I would not be a good sponsor for him.

He was disappointed; because he said I was the first person, he met since rehab who seemed to walk the talk and who really understood the Program. He had heard me speaking around and someone actually suggested to him that he find me for sponsorship. (I do not mind being "stalked" under such conditions) He said that he liked my "zeal". LOL. (My wife jokes about my so-called "zeal" and tells other AAs that her curse is living with a sober cartoon character, whatever that means) He looked so disappointed. He did not understand when I said, "I might kill you."

What I said to him came totally off the cuff, and it was the first time I had ever said it in these words, but I try to remember those words because I think they were put into my mouth at the right time, not so much for him to hear but maybe for me to hear.

I said, "Joe we may get along just fine. We could become great friends and maybe learn a lot from each other -- but at some point we are going to be sitting down at a table from one another, and I am going to be talking, and you are going to look at me, listen to me talk about my experience with booze and say to yourself " Holy Shit - this guy has absolutely no idea of what I am talking about" . You will be right - and you will be dead, Joe."

He did not get it then. I hope to God he got it finally.

There is no way that every human nook and every human cranny of a human being can be filled with the amount of unbreakable confidence and incredible trust that needs be placed, consciously and unconsciously, in another person, than what is required for that person to take the drastic and necessary steps it takes to recover from what ails him, if there is the slightest doubt that THIS man has walked one hundred percent in his shoes and has walked the same exact road as he.

Experience with working with others teaches this. Not Big Book theory and round robins at 12 & 12 meetings. Not rehab counselors. Not old-timers. Not hearing things at lots of meetings.

I have harmed my fair share of drug addicts with my own ignorance on this matter - been to their funerals - hugged their wives - cried with their mothers and kissed the foreheads of their little kids. But no more. I have done it too many times only being in this business eight years.
What I have just conveyed above comes from experience, which is only gained through action. Not through reading or listening.

Not by worshipping this Program, not be thumping these pages, not by becoming a Big Book attorney.

Only experience.


Danny S

All For Alcoholism Info said...

Hey Drug Rehab Guy,

I read something the other day that really made a lot of sense to me: “Let us remember that virtually every addict starts out as an occasional user who has made a voluntary and controllable decision to partake of a particular substance or activity. As time passes, however, and the use of the substance or activity continues, a person makes a transaction from being a voluntary to a compulsive user.”

Not only is this a transition from “alcohol abuse” to “alcoholism,” but it also summarizes the importance of “control” in the addict. That is, the telltale sign, the pivotal issue in the life of an addict is this: when a person starts to lose control over the substance or activity, he or she becomes hooked. At this point, moreover, the addiction is no longer “hidden” or “silent” as it may have been when the person was more of an occasional abuser. Indeed, at this point, the addiction is typically an out-of-control mess that has already started to ruin people’s lives.

drug rehabs said...

It was a very compelling post, Drug Rehab Guy! I understand how you feel about the topic on drug rehabs. Indeed, it is a very challenging road to take, when at the back of the patient's mind there will always be the temptation to give his addiction a final shot. I also believe that drug rehabs should not focus on medication alone but in giving you an empowered will to set yourself free. Thanks a lot for the wonderful post. I'm looking forward to your next.


Drug Rehab Program said...

This is a great post (and blog), Drug Rehab Guy. I have heard a lot of things about fighting drug and alcohol addiction, but there are only few people who have discussed it the way it should be. I must say that I agree when you said that various Drug Rehab Programs have the same goal: to help addicts to be free from the deceits and false promises of alcohol and drugs. I think people who had the same experience as yours must inform those who are still struggling to fight their addiction. Nice job.

Drug Rehabilitation said...

Moving post, Drug Rehab Guy. I agree with you, turning your back to addiction is a long and hard process. It's something that can't be done with one snap of your fingers. This is exactly what drug rehabilitation centers are for--- to help a person through the entire difficult process. What you said was right, even though drug rehabilitation centers come in different forms and names, they all have the same agenda: to help you out of your addiction.

zeke said...

You have an inspiring story. It is good to see a blog connect with so many other people weather they want help for themselves or not.

Ativan Side Effects said...

My name is Brian Lane and i would like to show you my personal experience with Ativan.

I am 30 years old .I started taking this drug about 10 years ago to help with some pretty bad anxiety and depression I was having at the time. I started taking a 1mg dose twice a day 1 in morning and 1 before bed. I tapered myself down to .5mg twice a day and then finally was able to get off it for about 3 months this year. I just started taking it in .5mg doses again due to the anxiety and depression resurfacing after 10 years. I dont know if its coming back because I got off the medicine or just that I am having a relapse but I have to honestly tell you that those years in between when I was taking it were the best years of my life. Just be VERY careful not to take this in larger doses.

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